Home Fitness On A Budget

Busy schedule has prompted most to do their fitness routines outside the confines of a commercial fitness center. But that is not the only reason why many do not enroll to a gym anymore. Budget has now become one of the main reasons why for some, it is most practical to exercise at home. Here are some of the things you can do to stay in shape without having to pay for a membership and spend time commuting to your gym.


Contrary to what most people think, hiking is not a weekend activity. And not because you carry a backpack that can hold all your survival stuffs means that you have to stay overnight on the trail. Hiking can be a regular exercise routine, which can be done several hours a day on your free day, especially if live near hiking parks and trails. Hiking is free and can burn as much as 550 calories per hour.

Walking. Jogging. Running.

Putting on your rubber shoes and going around the neighborhood may not be as adventuresome as hiking in parks and trails, but you can still get almost the same health benefits and physical fitness. A good hour of walking can burn up to 380 calories. Jogging and running can burn much more than that.

However, the main disadvantage of walking around the neighborhood is you cannot do it all throughout the year. When the weather is bad or if the winter season has begun, you cannot simply go out and run around the neighborhood (this is the reason why treadmill is so popular). Still, it is still better to maximize the warm days by walking or jogging around the neighborhood than just sitting on your couch and do nothing. Plus, it is free.

Home DVDs

Over the past years, home videos have vastly improved creating quality and very useful training techniques that often require little or no equipment. From $10 to $30, you can get professionally made workout DVD regardless of your fitness level. Take note: do not be too concerned of the celebrities that endorse these products. What you should be looking out for is if the instructional video is created by a credible fitness professional.

Use your existing exercise machine.

It is estimated that 80% of exercise equipment bought in the United States is not used after the first year. This stunning figure only equates to one thing: if you are consider buying new exercise equipment, you are more likely to stop using it after some time. And if you have bought one before, you probably still have it somewhere in your house. That leaves us to the question, do your really need to buy a new one? If you already have existing equipment and if it is functioning well, use it again. There’s nothing wrong with using old exercise equipment. What is wrong is actually buying a new one knowing that you can still use something.

Buy the basics

Having a treadmill or an elliptical trainer at home is cool but that doesn’t mean that you must buy one. Remember that they only simulate activities you can do outdoors so you can always choose to forego buying any one of these if you cannot afford to buy one. Just buy the basics like weights, exercise mat and exercise ball. They all provide various workout techniques but do not cost as much.

Home Fitness Guides To Keep You Focused

It is common scenario for people to never complete a diet program they initially took with the goal of trimming up after calories and fats were collected from a bad lifestyle. Similarly, it is common for people to start using home fitness equipment and then leaving the machine up collecting dust at the corner because they have forgotten it.

Why not all people can stick to what they primarily embarked upon to improve their physical and health aspect? First, it is because of the lack of discipline. Second, focus was directed elsewhere maybe due to boredom, lack of determination and goal. And third, the lack of proper diet and fitness program – a carefully planned guide which you can utilize to easily see your direction and accountability of every result.

If you are in the same boat, you are probably looking once again for another program where you think you can put your focus on for a long time and thus gives you realistic results of keeping yourself in tip top shape, both physical and inner health. However, even with home fitness program, you have the chance to succeed in your goal provided that you have the discipline, the right program, and focus or determination.

To help define what you really want in this particular aspect, here are some simple yet effective guides to keep you focused, determined, and disciplined and stick to your home fitness routine in a lifelong basis.

– If the home fitness plan happens to be your resolution for this year, don’t just think of it as a resolution for the whole year. Or don’t make it a resolution that benefits you for only a few months, or even for a year.

Rather, make it your lifetime resolution. Think of the long term benefits and think how it can give you a lifelong health and physical fitness. Think how it will be easier for you to live life as you age. That’s how a fitness and diet program should be. Long term goals are often easier and lighter to follow than fitness programs for short term effects.

* It is not necessary to spend hours and hours working out. A mere 30 minutes a day is enough to keep you fit and in shape. And remember that it doesn’t have to be with exercise equipment or machine. There are lots of other activities which can get your muscles working out, like dancing, jogging, brisk walking, and even when doing household chores and running errands. Also, you can buy exercise and yoga DVDs so you can use them at home.

* And this is the most important – eat healthily, rest properly, and avoid getting into disastrous vices such as smoking and drinking. You don’t have to eat fancy, healthy foods which you cannot easily prepare for some reasons. And you don’t have to be strict with this aspect. Just remember to count the calories you take in.

* Also, consider this goal as a gift to your family and loved ones. Taking care of yourself is an ultimate act that tells you actually care for them. It gives them less of the worries, lesser expenses on medical bills, and the likes. Plus, being healthy, fit, and active means you can give more time to bond with them by engaging in family physical activities.

Home Fitness Equipment- Maximize Its Use

It is not surprising that many individuals are now trying to lose weight and shed off extra calories. The previous holidays have put many in a disadvantage now as far as physical look and health are concerned because of the too-hard to resist delicious platters of holiday foods and glasses of caloric drinks.

So for the New Year’s resolution, it is more likely that most people are including diet and fitness program in the list. Due to the demand, this means many are enrolling in gym fitness centers while others are making a trip to fitness stores to get home fitness equipment.

To many, choosing to buy home fitness equipment is more enticing than enrolling in a gym center. It is a better choice indeed to many people who have difficulty juggling time between work and workout. It is also most ideal to people who just can’t enroll in an exercise program particularly because the local gym center is out of the way or far from the house.

On the other hand, it also has a disadvantage. Just like most people ending up not going to the gym often after signing up due to many inconveniences, having exercise equipment at home for a self-workout regimen poses the same problem. Many acquire expensive equipment only to end up not using it at all. The machine just gets stored and collects dust pile, which is a shame because it should have been more of an advantage to you that’s why you bought it in the first place.

To avoid yourself from ending up in the same dilemma, check some pointers below to help maximize your home fitness equipment

Get the right equipment

One reason that leads most people to the situation mentioned above is due to the wrong choice of equipment. Therefore, it is important that you get the right one that answers your needs so that you can maximize its use and thus will be easier for you to achieve your goal of keeping fit all year round.

Your choice can be an elliptical trainer, stationary bike, or any cardio equipment that will not only make your heart healthy but your overall physical as well. Knowing the advantages of each of the equipment available in the market will help you decide which is the most ideal to bring home.

Position the equipment at the right area in your home.

Positioning the equipment at the right location in your home will help maximize its use. Where you position it is a factor as well that affects the frequency of its use. It must be stored where you have enough space to operate and use it, and the right ambiance and temperature so it doesn’t get uncomfortable when you are working out.

Some place exercise equipment inside the bedroom especially if it is small enough to be accommodated. This gives them the advantage since they can be easily pulled out and get used at any time of the day. But if you have a number of machines, it is more advised that you have a nice room where you can put them all in and turn it into a mini gym.

And most important of all, have your goal and discipline.

Needless to say, discipline is the best weapon you can use to avoid leaving your equipment collecting dust in the corner. It is also the best passport towards achieving the desired weight and physical fitness.

Before Buying Home Fitness Equipment

Going to the gym and participating in a regular exercise activity is a great way to stay fit and healthy. However, in some situations, a regular commute to the gym is not convenient. And since staying fit and healthy has always been your desire, you may already have considered building a gym at home. But before shopping for home fitness equipment, ask your self, “Are you ready to invest on such things?”

Money has always been a significant factor when building your own home gym. A good treadmill can cost up to $3000 and buying one can really put some pressure to your financial standing. So as outrageous as it may sound, you need know if you can afford it or not. (Do not forget to include all the added cost like shipping and installation.)

For some, buying expensive equipment will oblige them to use it. While the cost can be a motivating factor to stay fit, this doesn’t happen in real life. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of home fitness equipment is not used after the first year – and the majority of people who belong to this statistics are beginners. That said, if you are planning to jump start the interest in exercising at home, you are more likely to stop using the equipment you bought without even getting your money’s worth.

You have to identify what exactly is your goal. Are you going to build muscles? Improve cardiovascular fitness? Or increase flexibility? Your goal determines the type of equipment that you have to buy. Also, select between new and used exercise equipment. Both have advantages and disadvantages (the most notable is the price; used exercise equipment can save you as much as 70%, than brand new.)

Set a budget and limit your selection to the things you can afford. Home gym equipment doesn’t have to be so expensive. You can start with exercise ball and dumbbells. A good pair of walking shoes is a way to start.

Another factor that is always overlooked is the amount of space available for the equipment. Having a treadmill is cool, but do you know where are you going to put it? Will your spouse love to climb over your elliptical machine just to get into the bed? Or will you still be using your treadmill in your garage even if it is 10 degrees below? Such things matter so think before you buy.

Do not fall prey to people that offer different types of equipment that promise amazing results in a very short time. Just think about it, if you can get 6-pack abs by using a certain machine for 3 minutes a day, 3 times a week, then how much more if you do not use any machine at all? The rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

Finally, you have to shop around. Do not feel obliged to buy on the first store you enter just because you like the way the sales person talks. The best buys are found when you look at different stores, compare prices and do thorough research. When at a store, test the machines. If you do not belong to a gym, let someone test it. Do not forget online stores and discount shops.

Advantages of Home Fitness Equipment

Do you feel the need to trim up a bit because of the extra counts of calories accumulated from the food and drinks served up during the past holidays? But the problem is you’re too lazy to rise up early in the cold mornings to go outside and exercise? Are you not the kind that can go around the park for a brisk walk or 30-minute jog? Or is your daily schedule too tight up to even get a 1-hour work-out at the gym fitness center?

If you answer yes to these questions, you might like the idea of doing it at home at anytime of the day and night.

A home fitness regimen is a flexible option for individuals like you who cannot easily go out to trim excess calories and fats. It usually means two things: either you do your own physical exercises, like doing aerobics, bending, dancing, jogging, and the likes; or you get exercise equipment and devices for your own home use. Most people opt for the latter due to the many advantages it gives to an individual looking for a more flexible, better way of losing calories.

The advantages in doing your workout regimen at home with physical fitness equipment are:

* First, you can do it at any time convenient for you. Whether you want to do it at mornings after waking up or at nights because your schedule is quite full at daytime, a home fitness exercise is perfect for you. You have the freedom to not wake up early in the mornings, or you don’t have to be bounded by time when doing your exercise with your home fitness equipments.

* Second, you can use your exercise equipment without hassles. There is no more confining yourself to a limited time of using equipment due to other people waiting in line, which usually happens at a gym center. You can use it at any amount of hours at your own discretion.

* Third, you have the privilege to exercise at a desired amount of time needed to burn your extra calories. You can do it everyday, bi-, or tri-weekly. And for the best part, you do this freedom of exercising at a desired amount of time without paying for extra cost, which is the next advantage.

* And finally, you save money. In a gym fitness center, you pay monthly not only for the time you spend with them but for the services of the trainers and staff. With home fitness equipment, there is no need for you to maintain your membership by paying regularly. In addition, you don’t pay whenever you use their equipments, facilities, and services in excess to the number of hours you originally signed up with them. If you think of how much you can save in a year, you will be surprised at how much more advantageous it is to own exercise equipment at home.

There are many kinds of exercise equipment that are available in the industry. The treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationery bike, fitness ball, and a lot others are typically ideal choices for home use. Whatever home fitness equipment that you find ideal to your needs, it is advised that you look at the advantages, disadvantages, price, and most importantly, the terms and conditions coming from the provider or maker of the machine.

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How to Start a LLC

This is a question I see time and time again. So many people want to start their own business but do not know where to start. Many think about starting a business without filing a LLC, Corporation, etc. Getting your business under a LLC or Corporation will give you not only legitimacy but protection as well. While companies such as LegalZoom offers packages to start your LLC, it is not necessary to go that route. Below is the steps that I have always taken when starting my LLC’s.

How to Start a LLC

This guide uses the State of California as an example. Disclaimer (I am not a certified business professional. This is just the process I have used to start all of my businesses. I have not had any legal issues using these methods but cannot guarantee the same for everyone.)


Step #1 – Articles of Organization


The online form can be found here – http://bpd.cdn.sos.ca.gov/llc/forms/llc-1.pdf

Mail Submission Cover Letter

Fill out basic information

Articles of Organization (Labeled by number on form)

  1. LLC Name
    1. Choose a generic name. This is the name you may be operating under. If the name is generic, it will be easier to expand and place other businesses under your LLC.
    2. Example generic names include: “Your Name Industries LLC”, “Your Name Enterprises LLC”, etc. You CANNOT use INC, CORP, etc. Make sure you put LLC in your name, if you do not, your form will be rejected.
  2. Business Address
    1. Needs to be a street address. It cannot be a PO Box or a paid mailbox such as a UPS Store mailbox
  3. Service of Process Agent
    1. You can elect yourself as the Service of Process agent. The agent is there to accept papers if your get served with a lawsuit.
    2. You can elect a corporation to be your agent. I would suggest just electing yourself.
  4. Management
    1. Select all LLC members. The LLC members are the owners of the LLC. If it is just you, you are the sole owner.
  5. Statement of Purpose
    1. Do not alter the Statement of Purpose
  6. Signatures
    1. Just sign and print your name.

You will need to send in a check for the filing amount (California is $70) with your Articles of Organization. You will also need to wait until you receive your Articles back with a stamp of approval from your state. That will typically take anywhere from 3-4 weeks.


Step #2 – EIN Number

Obtaining an EIN number is season and only take a few minutes. The EIN application can be found at the link below


Once you finish filling it out, there will be a form with your EIN number. Save and print that form for your record.


Step #3 – Operating Agreement

You will need to create an Operating Agreement. This will show how your business operates and will be needed to open a business bank account. I have always used templates to make mine. I have attached a couple of resources below.


Sample Operating Agreement – http://www.pick-an-entity.com/Sample%202.pdf

Operating Agreement Generator – https://startabusiness.org/ca/llc/operating-agreement/


Step #4 – Obtaining and Filing a DBA (Optional)


A DBA or “Doing Business As” is what you obtain if you want to operate under a name that is different than your LLC name. For example Google operates under it’s parent company Alphabet, INC. In your case, you could have your LLC as “Your Name Enterprises LLC” and do Amazon e-Commerce under “Online Seller of Stuff” and then do marketing under “Online Promoter of Stuff” and so on and so forth.

To see if a DBA is available, check with your county and do a DBA search. I have linked my county below:




There will be a fee (About $60) to file and then you will need to run an ad in a local newspaper to publicly state that you will be conducting business under that name. The fee for the newspaper is about $40. The county office where you file your DBA will give you a list of newspapers. Note that the address you file your DBA under will be the same address you file your LLC under. It must be a street address. You will receive your DBA the same day.


Step # 5 – Business Banking

You will want to open a business bank account. I have always used Wells Fargo for my banking. The fees are low (about $7 a month) or if your average over $10,000 a month in your accounts, it is free to bank.


What you need to open an account

  • State approved Articles of Organization
  • EIN Number
  • Operating Agreement
  • Your DBA paperwork (Optional)


Make sure that you bring in a paper copy of all the forms needed. You will need to bring your original Articles of Organization for the bank however. The bank may run your credit if you are a new customer with the bank.

As always, if you have questions or would like to speak one-on-one feel free to send us an email at onlineeduclasses@gmail.com or contact us through our Social Media avenues.

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Affiliate Marketing Masters Course Review

With technology always growing and more individuals getting access to reliable internet, making money online only gets easier. Many people dream of being able to quit their 9 to 5 job and work from home. There are many ways of being able to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Some people choose marketing, graphic design, or e-commerce. With all of those options, you will need to work to get the clients or purchase the products. For many of us, startup costs are the biggest factor holding us back from quitting our jobs and working for ourselves. Affiliate Marketing is a great alternative to all the problems above. Getting started with Affiliate Marketing is easy!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is simply just you putting products and services in front of the consumers who are already looking to buy. When someone buys the product, you get a commission. It is as easy as that!

Where do I get started?

Getting started is easy too! With many affiliate websites (ClickBank, Max Bounty, Amazon, etc) there are many to choose from. There are many options in many different niches on all of these websites. Some will involve selling products while some will be selling services. There is something for everyone and for every niche.

Where do I learn these skills?

Much of the skills needed can be learned on YouTube or by trial and error but if you really want to get started fast, the Affiliate Marketing Masters Course is for you. I admit, for $747.00 it is not cheap but it is by far the quickest way to get started with Affiliate Marketing. If you go through the course and follow along, it should only take you a few hours to complete all the modules.

My experience with the course

After I purchased the course, I dove right in. I completed the course (notes and all) in just a few hours. My first affiliate platform was Amazon.com. Amazon is currently one of the worlds largest retailers so I figured it would be a good place to start. My first day of Affiliate Marketing resulted in a sale of a $39.99 item with a 6% commission which netted $2.40 in commission. There is a lot to be learned in the course and everything is laid out for you by Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J Fox. Everything from selling on YouTube and Facebook to getting free traffic to your website. Even the most successful niches are outlined right there in the course for you. There is even an exclusive offer for you at the end of the course!

If you would like to check out the course, I have linked it down below! If you have any questions about the course, feel free to send an email to onlineeducourses@gmail.com and I would be happy to answer them.


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